Polyphthalamide VESTAMID® HTplus

For composite applications Evonik has developed a VESTAMID high-temperature PPa grade with very low viscosity, providing for good fiber impregnation. With a glass transition temperature of 125 °C and a processing window of about 300 °C, this is a high-temperature matrix for aircraft and automotive applications when combined with carbon or glass fibers.

Automotive seat

VESTAMID® HTplus is a PA10T-based copolyamide that has a number of benefits over other PA6T-based PPAs:

  • produced up to 50 percent from renewable sources

  • lower water absorption

  • better dimensional stability

  • higher hydrolysis resistance

  • improved processing window

The VESTAMID® HTplus composite grade is available as granules and a powder with a particle size of 60 μm. Both melt and powder products attest to this matrix polymer’s excellent impregnation behavior. If you will be using a film stacking process for manufacturing composite parts or sheets, we can provide a suitable film of the requisite thickness.


Martin Risthaus

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