Uni-directional tapes for structural lightweight design

Unidirectional tapes consist of endless fibers orientated in one direction embedded into a thermoplastic polymer matrix. Reinforcing properties of fibers can fully be exploited. These thin tapes (from 0.15–0.3 mm) are mainly processed in different tape laying or tape winding processes.

Carbon fiber tape

Our unidirectional tapes VESTAPE® consist of carbon fibers and a matrix made of high performance polymers. This matrix is made from specially developed high-performance polymers, for example, with a high glass transition temperature and therefore features good heat resistance. It is based on polyamide 12 or PEEK and is customized to high-strength endless fibers.

Thus, the properties of both materials combine ideally to create innovative construction materials. VESTAPE® allows for the production of parts that can be used even in areas exposed to extreme temperatures.


To supply thermoplastic unidirectional tapes VESTAPE® at high quality and reduced costs, Evonik has developed a new cost-efficient production process suitable for our high performance polymers.


Martin Risthaus

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