More fuel-efficient, faster ships with ROHACELL® composites


Builders of military ships and yachts continue to find new application areas for sandwich constructions. The greatest potential lies in lightweight construction, since it takes a disproportional performance increase of the ship propulsion to accelerate a greater mass to the same final speed. This is an important consideration for high-speed ships. The main application areas include decks, interior structures, hull sections (especially in areas with higher temperatures) for Surface Effect Ships (SES), frigates and high-speed passenger ferries.

The advantages of ROHACELL® primarily are associated with sandwich manufacturing (e.g. resin infusion processes), high dynamic strength, low smoke emissions, easy processing, and excellent energy absorption.

ROHACELL® is approved by DNV and meets the IMO HSC criteria for vehicle decks, engine rooms, and passenger spaces. 


Uwe Lang

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