You talk to one, you talk to all

Composites consist mainly of a combination of polymers that have endless fibers imbedded in them. The polymer serves to protect the load-bearing fibers against all environmental influences and to transfer loads evenly over the fibers. For this reason, the polymer – the “matrix” as it is called – plays a pivotal role in composites.

Examples of composites include laminates that consist of fiber-matrix combinations, or constructions that feature a combination of two very thin composite laminates with a lightweight core material between them.

Evonik itself does not offer composites, but instead makes the components that go into them. Evonik’s broad product portfolio includes different types of matrices or matrix-related products, such as hardeners, additives, and special foams for sandwich constructions:

Our experts in fiber-reinforced composites think “systems,” not “products.” Even in cases of applications where products from their own department are not the material of choice, our experts involve the specialists from other departments to identify the optimal solution for the

customer. According to the philosophy: when you work with us, you have the support of the entire team of specialists at Evonik. In short,

you talk to one, you talk to all


Evonik products for composites

This brochure aims to provide you as manufacturers
of composite prepregs or parts an overview of the products available.