Coatings & gel coats

In a variety of applications, such as yachts, pipes, or rotor blades for wind turbines, the composite has to be protected against, for example, sunlight, humidity, and abrasion. In such cases, or for surface refinement, coatings or gel coats are used.

Polyisocyanates VESTANAT®

Composite materials exhibit a limited weathering durability, which is attributable to the inherent properties of matrix
systems used nowadays, such as epoxy or unsaturated polyesters.

Diamines VESTAMIN®

For applications where light stability is not required, epoxy resin systems are often used as gel coats.

Fumed silica AEROSIL®

AEROSIL® fumed silica is added to UP resins for viscosity control and to achieve the desired thickening/thixotropic effect.

Methacrylate monomers VISIOMER®

Evonik’s methacrylate monomers are widely used in polymer composites as reactive diluents, crosslinkers, and raw materials for polymer synthesis.