In a variety of applications, such as yachts, pipes, or rotor blades for wind turbines, the composite has to be protected against, for example, sunlight, humidity, and abrasion. In such cases, or for surface refinement, coatings or gel coats are used.

Diamines VESTAMIN®

For applications where light stability is not required, epoxy resin systems are often used as gel coats. Furthermore they can be used as inmold coatings for automotive composite applications. Our products play an important role as crosslinkers in this regard.


A cycloaliphatic diamine is regarded as the industry standard for crosslinkers and is formulated for epoxy composite systems. The cycloaliphatic structure and medium reactive amino groups offer the following advantages:

  • Good processability of the liquid matrix System
  • High-performance composites with high glass transition temperatures
  • High mechanical strength
  • Improved mechanical properties
  • Good temperature Performance
  • Resistance to impact stress
  • Moisture and hot-water resistance
  • Good chemical resistance

Typical applications are fiber-reinforced composites for rotor blades, pipes, leaf springs, pump cases, high-performance boats, light airplanes, sporting goods, printed circuit boards, automotive parts, construction profils, and housings for office machines.


also a cycloaliphatic diamine, shows a similar behavior as VESTAMIN® IPD in epoxy composites regarding the mechanical properties. An additional advantage is its lower exothermic behavior during curing as well as the lower water uptake of PACM based epoxy matrix systems when exposed to water.


an aliphatic diamine, provides higher impact resistance to composites due to its linear structure. Its high reactivity makes it suitable for ultra-fast cured epoxy composites.