That's THE KEY 

Understanding all aspects of a complex system 

The fact that composite specialists within Evonik are closely connected to each other across the respective business divisions is an enormous advantage for our customers. A result of this cooperation is the platform that serves to exchange technical information between experts and the group-wide Composites Industry Team. This ensures that specialist knowledge is available to our customers at all locations.

Evonik Industries manufactures a range of products that can be found in almost all components of fiber-reinforced composites. We supply core materials for sandwich construction, thermoplastic and thermosetting resin matrices, as well as the essential components for matrices such as crosslinkers, catalysts, impact strength modifiers or processing and process additives. Some of these products are used in sizings for glass or carbon fibers, and in adhesives for joining fiber-reinforced composites.

Our products are

Additives/rheological modifiers

  • AEROSIL® fumed silica - viscosity/thixotropic agent
  • SIPERNAT® precipitated silica to reduce gel coat porosity in filled UPE products
  • Dynasylan® silanes - Additives for glass fiber and windmill bonding products, improved adhesion promotion and crosslinking


  • VESTAMIN® diamines - High performance amines for epoxy composite systems
  • VESTANAT® polyisocyanates for light-stable PUR coatings
  • VESTAGON® crosslinkers for thermosetting powder inmold coatings
  • VISIOMER® methacrylate monomers for UPR and VE matrices

Foam cores

  • ROHACELL® polymethacrylimide foam core for sandwich structures


  • VESTAPE® unidirectional glass and carbon fiber


Resins for thermoplastic matrices

  • VESTAMID® Terra biobased PA
  • TROGAMID® transparent PA


  • COMPIMIDE® bismaleimides - High-performance resins for advanced composites
  • VESTALITE® epoxy curing agents and PUR resin formulations for automotive lightweight solutions

Thermoset modifiers

  • ALBIDUR® - Cost-performance efficient core shell tougheners
  • ALBIPOX® - Rubber toughened epoxy resins
  • NANOPOX® reactive resin modifiers - Nanosilica in epoxy resins
  • P84 polyimide powder - BMI resin modifier