Thermoplastic unidirectional tapes (UD tapes) where carbon fibers are impregnated with polyether ether ketone (PEEK) or polyamide 12 (PA12) as a thermoplastic matrix offer a high-performance solution for applications where weakness is simply not acceptable. 

Our composites of endless-fiber reinforced  plastics consist of carbon fibers and a matrix of high-performance polymers. In a UD tape, the properties of both  materials are ideally combined to create innovative materials for new paths in component design. Several layers of UD tapes form a laminate whose mechanical properties significantly outperform those  of metal sheets of the same thickness. In particular, the possibility of arranging the reinforcing fibers in load direction offers  new options for part design.

Laminates can be thermoformed to give  a variety of component geometries. They also offer the opportunity of integrating 
additional functions or components, as the parts can be overmolded with short- or  long-fiber reinforced compounds. 
Using the same polymer class as for the  matrix in the UD tape naturally ensures good bonding between the two components, 
which is essential for dynamic  load conditions.

The matrix is based on specially developed  high performance-polymers customized for embedding of high-strength endless 
fibers, and allows production of parts  that can be used even in areas exposed to extreme conditions.

Evonik is one of the leading suppliers of high-performance thermoplastic resins such as specialty polyamides and PEEK for use in adverse environments.