Whether in pipes for the oil and gas industry or structural components, you can depend on VESTAPE® to hold firmly and reliably against all forces with low water absorption and impressive mechanical properties. Evonik provides the two grades VESTAPE® PA12-CF45 and VESTAPE® PEEK-CF45. 

When selecting a matrix, a manufacturer first considers its basic mechanical properties under the expected environmental conditions (maximum service temperature, water uptake, and exposure to harmful chemicals).

  • VESTAMID® PA12 has been used as a matrix in composites for many years. A superior grade is now used for manufacturing tapes based on carbon fibers.
  • Where service temperatures are higher, VESTAKEEP® PEEK as a matrix material fulfills the requirements due to its high glass transition temperature and melting temperature ranges.

VESTAPE® UD tapes are available with a selection of relevant types of carbon fiber, at which Evonik’s proprietary melt impregnation technology assures excellent wetting of the fiber roving at competitive cost. The PA12 and PEEK matrix compounds are specially modified for the fiber impregnation process to ensure optimum bonding between matrix and fiber. This results in composite systems that can withstand the highest loading requirements.