Evonik is one of the leading suppliers of high-performance resins and crosslinkers to the composite industry: resin modifiers and curing agents for epoxy systems, PBO crosslinked phenolic resins, bismaleimide resins (BMI) for high temperature composites, polyimides as BMI modifiers, polyetheretherketones (PEEK) and polyamides for thermoplastic matrices, and special acrylics.


Amicure® products are Dicyandiamide (DICY) catalysts and substituted ureas for one component heat cure high-performance composites and adhesives. 


Ancamine® curing agents are mostly cycloaliphatic amines used across many different composite applications, including filament winding and pipe rehabilitation applications. Modified amines are also employed as anhydride and epoxy accelerators in heat curing.


Ancamide® curing agents can be divided into two major classes: amidoamines and polyamides. Amidoamines are known for low viscosity, excellent fiber wet-out and long pot life. They are recommended for wet lay-up laminating and filament winding applications. Polyamides are known for low toxicity, very good adhesion to multiple substrates and good flexibility. Evonik offers a range of polyamides and adducts that include standard grades as well as grades that do not require an induction time, improved chemical resistance, lower viscosity and faster cure speed.

Dicyanex ®

Dicyanex® products are Dicyandiamide (DICY) catalysts and substituted ureas for one component heat cure high-performance composites and adhesives.


Imicure® products are imidazoles  which are tailor-made to accelerate anhydride and amine curing epoxy resins. They offer 
 a broad range of latency, rapid  cure beyond activation temperatures as well as high thermal and chemical resistance in prepreg applications and bonding of composites.


Two component epoxy systems for rotor blades in wind energy installations, pipes in chemical processing and marine, leaf springs, pump cases, boat hulls and other marine structures, sport articles like ski, tennis rackets and surf boards, automotive applications and printed circuit boards


Composite materials exhibit a limited weathering durability, which is attributable to the inherent properties of matrix systems used nowadays, such as epoxy or unsaturated polyesters. It is thus essential to use aliphatic, non-yellowing polyurethanes (PUR), either as a gel coat as coating or as inmold coating, for exterior applications like rotor blades, automotive composite parts, or yachts. With its VESTANAT® polyisocyanates, Evonik offers a full range of crosslinkers for light-stable PUR coatings.


Next to its liquid polyisocyanates  Evonik offers a full range of solid crosslinkers for thermosetting powder inmold coatings, which allows you to apply the coating on the mold in the process fully automated. The crosslinkers are also aliphatic and therefore show no yellowing.