Evonik's specialty methacrylate monomers are frequently used as reactive diluents in vinyl ester (VE) and unsaturated polyester (UP) resins. The use of styrene as a reactive diluent for VE and UP resins has recently become the focus of increased attention from environmental and regulatory authorities.

specialty methacrylate monomers as reactive diluents in VE and UP resins

Evonik's Specialty Methacrylates product line offers a broad range of low-volatile and low-odour methacrylate monomers for the complete or partial substitution of styrene in composite resins. Crosslinkers are used as reactive diluents to improve the mechanical properties of resins with a low styrene content. Alternatively, these crosslinkers can also be applied in combination with other methacrylate monomers such as VISIOMER® BNMA, c-HMA and Terra IBOMA to produce low-odour styrene-free resins. Reactive diluent blends of the monomers make it possible to optimize the desired properties such as elongation at break, tensile strength, heat deflection temperature (HDT) and water resistance.

VISIOMER® 1,4-BDDMA, VISIOMER® EGDMA, VISIOMER® PEG200DMA and VISIOMER® TMPTMA are utilized as reactive diluents to improve the mechanical properties.

VISIOMER® HEMA-P is often used as an adhesion promoter in applications such as adhesives or coating resins, but can also be used as a co-reactive diluent in VE or UP composite resins. Evonik offers VISIOMER® HEMA-P 70M and VISIOMER® HEMA-P 100.

Key benefits at a glance

  • Low-odor, reactive diluents
  • Improved mechanical properties
  • Superior adhesion
  • Flame retardancy