Products for aerospace market

More powerful components

Modified resins such as NANOPOX®, NANOCRYL®, ALBIDUR®, ALBIPOX® and ALBIFLEX® enable the design of more powerful, long-life components.

VESTAKEEP®: For a long life cyle

VESTAKEEP® is less brittle than other materials and highly suitable for lightweight applications. An extreme abrasion resistance makes particularly long life cycles possible.

Lightweight structuring core material

The aerospace industry has long made use of ROHACELL® as a lightweight, structural core material that also reduces the cost of sandwich materials because of its process reliability.

AEROSIL® fumed silica provides excellent thickening properties

With its outstanding properties, AEROSIL® fumed silica is used for laminating resins and gel coats as a thickening agent, for example in the in the automotive industry or in construction.

COMPIMIDE® bismaleimides: Heat resistant up to 250°C

Bismaleimide-based thermosetting resins and specialties for designing high-performance composites, adhesives and moldings