Pipes and tanks

Epoxy-based, glass-fiber reinforced pipes and tanks are always the first choice wherever aggressive media need to be transported or stored in large quantities or under high pressure, as in the oil and gas industries, the chemical industry, wastewater management, sea-water desalination plants, or shipbuilding.

They are distinguished by extraordinarily high stability and a long service life, and are easily maintained and cleaned.

The demand for fiber composite materials—of which all the components, including the curing components from Evonik, must meet the challenging requirements of the industries mentioned above—is expected to increase most particularly in the oil producing regions.



TMD, diamines from Evonik, serve as curing components in epoxy systems. They play a major role in the manufacture of fiber-composite materials and in the properties that these subsequently exhibit in specific applications. Together with, for example, the reinforcing glass or carbon fibers, they constitute the embedding matrix that make up the fiber composite.