Dynasylan® silanes for glass fibers

Glass fiber products, such as endless glass fibers, chopped strands, mats, rovings, yarns and milled glass fiber are used as reinforcing materials in plastics.

Natural glass fiber shows poor adhesion to polymers, especially in the presence of moisture. For this reason, the glass surface is made organophilic by a size or finish treatment. Our Dynasylan® products are essential components in sizing or finishing, which positively effect the following:

  • Transmission of glass fiber strength, to the polymer,
  • Improvement of adhesion,
  • Minimization of moisture sensitivity, and mechanical protection of glass fibers

Selecting the right organofunctional group of Dynasylan® silane is decisive for the bond to the polymer. The best results are obtained with methacryl-functionalized Dynasylan® MEMO in polyester and vinyl ester resins. The epoxysilane Dynasylan® GLYMO and the aminosilanes Dynasylan® AMEO and water-based Dynasylan® HYDROSIL 1151 show superior performance in epoxy resins.