high-performance foam cores for sandwich structures


ROHACELL® structural foam is at the core of lightweight sandwich component designs that display high shear and pressure resistance, even at elevated temperatures.

ROHACELL® foams have proven their worth, particularly at high processing temperatures and pressures. They are easily processed and offer considerable cost savings in the manufacture of the complete component.

ROHACELL®, a polymethacrylimide (PMI) based structural foam, has been used in the aerospace and the automotive industries, in medical and wind power technologies, and in railcars, ships, sporting goods, and other applications for about 40 years.

With its ROHACELL® product range, Evonik offers, for process temperatures up to 190°C, a whole line of different grades customizable to a large number of applications. Customers can choose from products with various cell sizes and densities—from 32 to 200 kg/m²—thus making it possible for various mechanical and weight targets to be met.

Improve your efficiency

Preparation and long production cycles have become key cost drivers in composite technology. ROHACELL® can be shaped easily on common CNC-machines or thermoformed within minutes without special outgassing or surface preparation. Because of its high thermal and creep resistance, it can be cured at elevated temperatures in almost no time at all. No other core material offers such easy and fast curing for autoclave, resin infusion, or press molding processes. ROHACELL® reduces production time and costs.