Products for Wind Power

More powerful components

Modified resins such as NANOPOX®, NANOCRYL®, ALBIDUR®, ALBIPOX® and ALBIFLEX® enable the design of more powerful, long-life components.

VESTAKEEP®: For a long life cyle

VESTAKEEP® is less brittle than other materials and highly suitable for lightweight applications. An extreme abrasion resistance makes particularly long life cycles possible.

AEROSIL® fumed silica provides excellent thickening properties

With its outstanding properties, AEROSIL® fumed silica is used for laminating resins and gel coats as a thickening agent, for example in the in the automotive industry or in construction.

Wind power facilities with ROHACELL®

Especially the ROHACELL® Wind-F grade designed for liquid-resin-infusion and consequently lower resin up-take is able to reduce the weight of the blades and lead to a lower rotor weight of wind power facilities.

VESTAMIN® - Performance for Epoxy Composites

Diamines from Evonik, serve as curing components in epoxy systems. They play a major role in the manufacture of fiber-composite materials and in the properties that these subsequently exhibit in specific applications.