Bismaleimides COMPIMIDE®

High performance materials helping you to meet your future requirements for advanced composites today

The COMPIMIDE® bismaleimide resin family represents a full range of proprietary thermosetting resins and specialties that have been developed for the production of high-performance composites,

adhesives, and moldings.

Evonik offers more than 30 years of experience in bismaleimide resins. Our products are certified and referenced throughout the industry.

COMPIMIDE® bismaleimide matrix resins are characterized by their high glass transition temperature (Tg). They offer improved high temperature performance over epoxies and cyanate esters.

Other outstanding features are:

  • easy processing by autoclave, platen press, and compression molding techniques,
  • retention of excellent mechanical properties up to 250 °C,
  • good solvent resistance,
  • excellent performance in hot and wet conditions and,
  • superior flame and radiation resistance,
  • low smoke and toxicant emissions

Typical processing techniques include prepregging (from the melt, solution, or suspension), resin transfer molding (RTM), filament winding, compression molding, powder coating and pultrusion.

The COMPIMIDE® bismaleimide product group comprise COMPIMIDE® Bismaleimide Monomers, Toughening Modifiers and Formulated Bismaleimide Resins.