Endless fiber-reinforced plastics offer a promising and innovative solution with high potential for lightweight construction. Evonik provides the two grades VESTAPE® PA12-CF45 and VESTAPE® PEEK-CF45.


Evonik’s composites of endless fiber reinforced plastics consist of carbon or glass fibers and a matrix made of high performance polymers. In a UD tape, the properties of both materials combine ideally to create innovative construction materials for new paths in component design. Several layers of UD tapes in a laminate form “organosheets,” which significantly outperform the mechanical properties of metal sheets of the same thickness.


Organosheets can be thermoformed and, therefore, adopt a variety of component geometries. They also offer the opportunity of integrating additional functions or components, as the parts can be overmolded with a fiber-reinforced compound. Naturally, using the same polymer class as for the matrix in the UD tape ensures a good connection between the two components, which is essential for dynamic load conditions.


Martin Risthaus