DEGAPLAST® - Technology that interacts perfectly

In everyday life, modern prosthetics give the people who wear them a significantly broader margin of mobility and freedom of movement—made possible by perfectly interacting technology, electronics, and innovative materials.

Plastics play a major role here, and certain components still have to be customized by hand. In this context, DEGAPLAST®-based lamination systems occupy a prominent position, particularly in the handcrafting industry. Prosthetists value the high strength of these resins, their low weight, and dimensional stability, even at slight thicknesses. Another important factor is the ease of taking care of and maintaining the end products, which is perfectly in line with increased demands on hygiene.

DEGAPLAST® Casting Resin 103 P is a reactive casting resin. In orthopedic technology, it is used to manufacture softly adjusted shanks, protective

sleeves, and soft sockets, and a soft adjustment of other DEGAPLAST® Resins. DEGAPLAST® Laminating Resins 80:20 are compatible with almost all common materials such as wood, leather, and various canvases. The same is true of DEGAPLAST® Resins. Inlays are produced by a casting process that is adjustable to within an accuracy of 20 percent (m/m). DEGAPLAST® Casting Resins 103 P are designed to achieve greater flexibility. Special features are short curing times, fast and safe impregnating of the filling fabric, and a tack-free hardening.